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Tembazar Ark Opens for Contributions! +Gems & Seeds are Back on the Marketplace

Sidusians! The expansion of the Metaverse cannot be stopped, and we are on the verge of a grand event — the introduction of the Tembazar planetary system! Breakthrough mechanics, incredible VFX, and exciting gameplay will open the metaverse to millions of new players!

You now have the opportunity to become co-owners of the new game and receive 10% of all token transactions!

Go Tembazar! Go SIDUS HEROES!

Tembazar Ark! New Metaverse Chapter!

No one knows what is happening on the foggy Tembazar. Its faint glow attracts space explorers, but they can only speculate on ​​the danger they will face when they reach the surface.

On May 11, 11:00 UTC we are opening the contribution stage of our second Ark, which will transport players to the mysterious Tembazar. There, a militant 3d-person shooter, where bloody battles bestow incredible prizes on the winners, awaits.

Jump into contributions and don't waste time, because 10% of all token transactions in the game will be distributed as royalties among Tembazar Ark contributors!

Gems are Back on the Market!

Great news! Gems are returning to the Marketplace because we are introducing a minimum sales tax!

What’s this tax? We have seen that some of you have been using the Marketplace to transfer your assets to other accounts at a minimal price. The tax will be introduced to prevent this violation and protect fair play.

Every item on the Marketplace has a base price. You can see it when putting an item up for sale or in the list of items.

If the item is put on sale at a price lower than its base price, a 10% tax of the item’s base price will be added to the price set by the seller. The final price of an item equals the price set by the seller + tax.

Search for these GEMS in the Resources category:

  • Sapphire

  • Ruby

  • Emerald

  • Diamond

This new system will ensure appropriate royalty payments and counter bots that transfer items at a minimal cost.

Marketplace Base Price

*The new tax system will work in test mode with insignificant base values that will not influence the trade so far. If the system shows good results, it will be improved.

Seeds are Back on the Marketplace too!

Seeds are back on the marketplace!

From now on seeds, just like gems, have a base price that will counter scams and abuses of the marketplace. Search for Seeds in their separate category SEEDS:

Get in the Line!

There are many of you who are excited to become module co-owners - so many that the queue is getting a little crowded… To avoid the risk of high load and ensure transparency of the module contribution feature, we are introducing a contribution waiting list.

When a player wants to contribute some of his resources in a module, they enter a queue where their application may either be approved or rejected. This is determined by how many resources have already been contributed to this module.

A player can have 3 pending contribution applications per resource in each module! No applications after 3 will be accepted until at least one transaction has been approved.

Each module has its own list of transactions. Users can see their own transactions on the transaction status page.

Marathon Improved

We added a timer to the Marathon which shows the time before the player can start the next stage of the marathon.

If a user has completed the marathon but has not claimed the reward before the timer expires, they will see the following message: “Claim reward to start a new marathon.” As soon as the user has claimed the reward, the timer will appear again. The player cannot start the next marathon until they claim the reward for the previously completed marathon.

New Amazing Worlds!

We have been preparing to start the second Ark for a long time, and we are happy that the event is finally taking place. There is still a lot of work to be done on the Tembazar shooter, but it is already obvious that this game is going to become a real star of the metaverse! You have a unique opportunity to become co-owners of the game and reap the fruits of future success with us! As always, thank you for your support!

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