Shards are needed to upgrade a robot from level 1 to 60 and to increase the rarity of abilities from common to legendary.

Up to 110 shards can be earned per battle.

5 shards are restored every 12 minutes.

There are common, epic, and legendary shards:

  • Common - 220 (restores 55 per hour)

  • Rare - 120 (restores 30 per hour)

  • Legendary - 56 (restores 14 per hour)

You can exchange one fragment for others in the inventory tab:

  1. Go to Inventory

  2. On the left side of the list, select "Shards"

  3. Select the shards you wish to exchange and click "Change"

  4. Select the shards you would like to receive and click “Convert”. "Gcell" is required for this exchange

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