Exclusive Deposit Event

Duration: 30.08-16.09


The player is guaranteed to receive a Deposit Box for a one-time deposit of SIDUS into the game. The bonus is eligible on the first 5 deposits and must be completed by September 16. Each player can receive up to 5 rewards.

Additional info

  • Only $SIDUS deposits count.

  • Every deposit above 40,000 $SIDUS will grant one reward up to five times.

  • Deposits of below 40,000 $SIDUS will not grant a reward.

  • The maximum number of rewards per account that can be received from the event is 5 Common Deposit Boxes, 5 Epic Deposit Boxes, 5 Legendary Deposit Boxes - 15 boxes in total.

  • Deposit Boxes can be opened with a Diamond Key.

  • Deposit Boxes can be sold on the marketplace.

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