Ver. 0.9.0

Catch up with the new RUDRA Challenge!!

Dear friends! We hit 5,000 Xenna downloads from the Google Play Store and celebrate this achievement with the new RUDRA Challenge!

Win 100 limited-edition Legendary robots that won’t ever be repeated in the game! The robots will later be added to the Marketplace!

That is not all! The Tournament winners will be getting Grand Tournament Challenge tickets with a $50,000 prize pool and gold RUDRA skin!

Don’t waste this chance — jump in!

RUDRA Challenge Tournament

July 5 — August 3

17:00 — 19:00 UTC daily

To enter the tournament, you will need:

  • any robot of Lvl 60

  • Tournament Access Card*

* Tournament Access Card provides access to the Tournament. Important changes! You receive the card when reaching 100 Cups. We also removed the Card from the shop, so you can now only receive it on the Trophy Road

Tournament Rules

Fight in the Tournament and deal as much damage as you can. The higher your rank — the higher your event rating!

You have 6 tournament battles per day. All battles demand a Challenge Tournament Ticket or an active Challenge Tournament Pass.

  • Challenge Tournament Ticket — a one-time pass for a tournament battle. Tickets are specific to each tournament, you will not be able to use them for a different event. You can purchase a ticket or win one during the Base Tournament.

Buy from Challenge Tournament Store: 3 Challenge Tournament Tickets — 180 GOre

  • Challenge Tournament Pass — a subscription that does not require tickets to participate in the tournament. Passes are unique to each tournament.

Buy from Challenge Tournament Store: Challenge Tournament Pass 30 days — 1500 GOre

Battle Rules

The tournament battles are held in the ‘Overcoming the Limits’ mode.

  • The number of robots is limited by the “spawn cap’. When it is reached any abilities that produce robots will no longer work

  • When knocking out an opponent, the player increases their spawn cap and gets robots as a bonus

  • The spawn cap and bonuses depend on the type of robot

Who is Rudra?

A Legendary medium Xenna robot (X.M.R) armed with 4 laser guns with the gameplay based on two of the main abilities:

Inner Fire

Provides one of the strongest attacks in the game! Its activation takes time, forcing Rudra to lengthen its routes on the map. High performance is achieved by the robot’s internal motors running at full capacity.


Electrical discharge blocks the opponent’s towers, temporarily disabling their ability to shoot. At higher levels, Rudra can completely shut down the opponents’ towers.


Allows Rudra to create its own copies and fool its opponent.

Third Eye

Allows to see opponent’s invisible objects and avoid them in battle.

* XMR RUDRA will be initially released with two abilities, then two more will be added later.

More ver.0.9.0 updates!

Temporary Tournament events

From now on we’ll be spicing up our tournaments with some temporary inside events. And the first to begin with will be New Formula! — a special event when your Tournament rating is built up based on your 3 best fights! Excited! Wait till we turn it on!

Sound ON!

Immerse yourself in the game and don’t get distracted! We’ve added new sound effects to emphasize our cool game events. Every time something significant happens in the match, it will be accompanied by a corresponding sound effect!

Move faster — think faster!

We decided to speed things up a bit by increasing the initial speed of every robot by approximately 30%. So now when you take your first steps on Xenna, your gameplay starts off pretty thrilling! Higher levels of speed upgrades are perfectly balanced, so we’ve kept them untouched.

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