Academy and Genesis Collection Unique Drops

New Pre-Resource Drop Rules

We are actively reshaping the economy and the next necessary step is to update the pre-resource drop rules. Under the new rules, any composition of Academy/Genesis teams has a chance of receiving any of the pre-resources.

The Team Bonus has also been modified, since none of the pre-resources will drop. New drop rules have been introduced, they’re no longer dependent on the Team Bonus event. Now, a new drop is the basic unique drop for Academy/Genesis collections, just like in Organizations but without Boss involvement.

All team composition drop rates remain unchanged, but a new mechanism has been added. First, the system determines the rarity of the resource that will drop after victory, which depends on the team's composition. Then, the Team Bonus chance determines the drop rate of that resource.

For more details, refer to the tables:

How It Works

Example 1

For a team of 3 Legendary Genesis heroes:

  1. Win a battle.

  2. The system examines the composition, hero collection and rarity, then rolls the die for a random number.

  3. The number rolled determines the rarity of the resource (Common 40%, Epic 35% and Legendary 25% chance).

  4. When the 25% chance prevails, a Legendary resource is selected (the total chance is 100%, so only one resource is chosen).

  5. Now, the system rolls another die to determine if the resource drops (45% chance it will drop and 55% chance it won't).

  6. If it does, the owner receives Pre-carbon worth 10,000 CP.

  7. If the die is unlucky, the user will not receive a resource.

There is always a chance of a resource drop, but only one resource. The more heroes from the same collection you have, the better your chance of receiving a drop:

  • Academy Collection (1 Hero - 3%, 2 Heroes - 9%, 3 Heroes - 27%)

  • Genesis Collection (1 Hero - 5%, 2 Heroes - 15%, 3 Heroes - 45%)

Example 2

For a team with 2 Epic Genesis heroes and 1 Common Academy hero, the system rolls two dice under two different rules.

2 Epic Genesis (Common 60%, Epic 35%, Legendary 5%):

  1. The system selects the rarity.

  2. Common is rolled (60% chance).

  3. A second die is rolled to determine the resource drop (15% chance of dropping).

  4. It drops (with a 15% drop chance and an 85% non-drop chance).

1 Common Academy (Common 85%, Epic 14%, Legendary 1%):

  1. The system selects the rarity.

  2. Legendary is rolled (1% chance).

  3. Another die is rolled to determine the resource drop (3% chance of dropping).

  4. It doesn't drop (with a 3% drop chance and a 97% non-drop chance).

In total, 1 resource was obtained:

  • Pre-silicon: 100 CP

If the heroes' rarities are all different or their collections are different, the system rolls the die three times under the configuration of 1 hero for each rarity and collection.

The most profitable combination for obtaining valuable resources is a team of 3 Legendary Genesis heroes. The most basic combination is 1 Common Academy hero.

Choose your best option and enjoy the game!

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