Ver. 0.4.

Xenna Ver. 0.4. Updates


Dear friends, we are happy that you like all our recent major updates so much. It's time for us to pay attention to details. With this update, we are taking an important step towards localizing our game for the first time, because we know that it is played all over the world. We’re also paying attention to the matchmaking process, because honesty and fairness are core values for us!

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First Language Localization! More Ahead!

Friends, there are already so many of you playing Xenna from different countries! We know how important it is for you to have a good understanding of what is happening in the game. That is why we’re adding our first language localization: Russian.

The language in the game will correspond to the language of the operating system. In future updates, a language option will be added to the game settings.

Tournament Matchmaking Update!

We have improved the matchmaking system in tournaments to make it even more fair. Now, before the start of a tournament, players will gather in a pool. When the pool is collected, the players will be randomly divided into several groups of 4 and several tournaments will start at the same time.

Rise of the Bots!

Watch out for the bots — they are getting smarter every day! That’s all because we are testing the AI mechanics to make it extremely difficult to abuse the system. Now the bots can calculate their attack strategies based on an enemy’s characteristics. For instance, an XLR will not attack an XHR without a significant advantage in numbers. Bots now avoid the storm and look for towers in a safe zone! So the competition grows!

Your Feedback is GOLD!

Guys, we are always happy to hear your thoughts and bug reports on the game! Thanks to your involvement we’re making the project better with each release. The new updates include multiple bug fixes that were found thanks to you. This will help us a lot in future events, especially tournaments — there are going to be a lot with the new Hedonism Module release, which will spread the tournaments all around the Metaverse! Don’t forget that we are also in full swing preparing the grand Xenna Ark launch! So, please stay involved and prepare for metaverse scaling!


Hello friends! We see that many of you have tried the new robots released in the previous updates and gave us some valuable feedback! Thank you so much for this! These are not the last robots that will appear in the game, so your impressions are very important to us! In this update, we are returning tournaments from some fine tuning and starting a new cool event! Be sure to use ARES and GOTH to create a harmonious army for a victorious future!

Break your Limits as the Ultimate Killer!

Ready to awaken your killer instinct and spill blood on the field? We have a new event for you starting on March 06 that will last for a week. During the event, the rules for solo mode battles and matchmaking will change.

In standard battles, an “upper limit” will be introduced to cap the number of units a player can have. As soon as the limit is reached the production of robots will stop, only resuming if the number falls below the upper limit again.

The upper limit is different for different robots and their levels. If a player "knocks out" the opponent from the battle by killing the last cohort, they will receive an upper limit increase. The cohort that knocked off the enemy also receives bonus robots.

Matchmaking during the event will be based on the robot’s level.

Tournaments are back!

Beta is beta so we can try and fix problems, right? We realized that tournaments needed some work, so we took them down for fine tuning! But they are back now! Every day at 17:00 UTC, a new tournament will start that will last for 2 hours! We removed some of the abilities available in the tournament that caused issues.

Get ready to meet the new Necromancer robot!

Prizes are:

  • Rank 1: 75 X.N.R Shards

  • Rank 2-5: 35 X.N.R Shards

  • Rank 6-10: 20 X N.R Shards

  • Rank 11-100: 10 X.N.R Shards

Please, make sure to enter the game daily to participate in the tournaments! We saw your excitement when they launched so we did our best to fix all the problems to make them as fun and fair as possible!

Don’t Miss another Defeat!

Now in the heat of the battle you will not miss the triumphant moment of your rivals’ defeat. Every time someone’s last cohort dies in a battle or in a storm, a notification will pop up on your screen!

The notification shows the reason for the defeat as well. Hope that you won’t see your name on these notifications!

Rebalancing ARES and GOTH

Many of you have already tried the new robots and started upgrading them. That’s the spirit! There are many events ahead where these guys will be useful to you!

In order to balance the robots in the game, some basic robot stats have been changed.

Now the robots correspond to the original idea.

XLR GOTH is much faster in spawn and movement, but weaker in terms of combat;

XHR ARES is slower to spawn and move, but has high combat stats.

Great Updates Demand Painstaking Revision

The last few releases included some major updates and have really pushed Xenna forward. At the same time, we have a growing number of players every day, so we had to focus on the details and fix all the bugs that you helped us to find after the release of robots and tournaments. Let's get into the game and test all the changes together!


Have you noticed those mysterious green and red XLR and XHR shards that show up in Gold boxes? Have you guessed what they are for? That's right — XLR and XHR are the names for the new Xenna robots that you will meet today! Read on for more info on them, and other changes to Xenna!

Dynamic Strategy with New ROBOTS!

Every day the game becomes more and more intricate, and now you have new cards, abilities, and two brand new robots to diversify your tactics! Fine-tune your game and collect cups even faster! Upgrade all your robots and get ready for the fight for metaversal dominance!

Xenna Light Robot (XLR)

The Xenna Light Robot (XLR) relies on speed instead of damage or defense and is faster than others. It even spawns faster so you can rush your opponent!

Xenna Light Robot (XLR) Stats

Damage: 1.25

HP: 10.5

Defence: 1.2

Speed: 115% on all types of surfaces

Spawn rate: 0.36 per second

Xenna Heavy Robot (XHR)

The Xenna Heavy Robot (XHR) is slower but has increased durability and attack damage to become the anchor for your army. A true juggernaut, it takes longer to build, but can’t be ignored on the battlefield.

Xenna Heavy Robot (XHR)

Damage: 4

HP: 30

Defence: 3.9

Speed: 85% on all types of surfaces

Spawn rate: 0.108 per second

The robots start at Level 1, regardless of the levels of other robots.

Note that when you select a robot, you will see the victories of that robot. After reaching 5 victories with a robot, you will receive the Master Box for the corresponding robot. Progress and victories are saved for each robot separately and does not reset when switching between robots.

You will see both robots in your application. To activate them you will need to pay the respective shards. In case you do not have enough we’re giving you other options — keep reading!

XLR & XHR Shards Added to the Shop!

Can't wait to upgrade your robot? New XLR and XHR Shards have arrived in the Shop! 8 consecutive offers will unlock as you proceed down the Trophy Road.

The first stage becomes available to all players who have reached an overall rating of 35 on the Trophy Road. Each subsequent offer becomes available after the previous had been purchased. Each offer corresponds to a certain Trophy Road rating: if your rating is lower, the offer is displayed as inactive. Shards are purchased with GCell and have different prices.

XLR and XHR Shards can be used to purchase the corresponding robot, upgrade them, or upgrade ability cards.

Speedy Swarm or Deadly Dreadnaughts?

Xenian characteristics and ability cards allowed you to tweak your robot stats, and, if necessary, pay and change them further. Now you have the opportunity to build your strategy on the characteristics of new types of robots and play to their strengths. It is quite possible that in the end you will transition all your robots to lightweights or bruisers. Will you sprint towards the offensive, or make a wall of steel?. Whatever you pick, incredible fights are ahead!

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