Ver. 0.2.14

New Years Event!! Last Update of 2022!

Dear friends, it's time to release the last game update of 2022! We are proud of the work done and we know that you love it too! This year we have been releasing updates almost every week as we move the game towards the goal we are striving for.

We have already wished you a lot of good things for the next year, and now we want to wish for ourselves too: to not slow down, to keep moving forward, and to continue to delight you with regular updates! We are sure that we will manage to not only achieve this, but also surpass ourselves! See you in the new year!

Level up your weaponry stock!

Remember the times when the taser seemed to be an overpowered cannon? Today almost everyone has it, and you have lost your advantage. Maybe it's time to rearm and prepare for the upcoming shooter game, because this little warlike planet will require more than a zap to be conquered!

From December 29 to January 31, we are hosting an event that will not only give you the opportunity to upgrade your weapons arsenal, but also provide the new role of weapon supplier for the entire metaverse. These guys will be able to earn profits and dictate your terms to others!

During the event, in 3v3 battle daily rewards you have a chance to get a part of a new gaming asset called a workbench. This will be needed to produce completely new types of weaponry. There are 3 workbenches for 3 types of weapons, each consisting of 20 parts! Assembling just one would already be a huge win!

Types of weaponry you will be able to produce at the workbenches include:

  • Electrotechnical weapons

  • Kinetic weapons

  • Hydrotechnic weapons

Collaboration rules!

You can see it is going to be quite tricky to get all 20 parts of the whole workbench. So we are expecting a rise in trading on the marketplace right after the event is over! We encourage you to communicate and build these items together!

Check out the drop chance for different line-ups!


2 Common Heroes (0.5% drop chance) + 1 Legendary Hero (0.75% drop chance) = a total of 1.25% drop chance


2 Epic Heroes (1% drop chance) + 1 Legendary Hero (0.75% drop chance) = a total of 1.75% drop chance

The hero collection does not matter in this case.

Justice restored for SIDUS GATES!

Money is important, isn't it? We think it should be taken seriously! SIDUS GATES opened with a number of resources under "Coming Soon" with pre-distributed royalty percentages.

After the launch of the module though, some of these values ​​were changed, which entailed a change in co-ownership shares of those who had already invested in the module. We are returning to the original values ​​​​and completely restoring justice in the module!

With Xenna opening and Temb Azar approaching, the number of new resources will grow and influence the whole metaverse economy! It’s vital now to spread your attention over all games and farm as much as you can in all parts of the galaxy!

Connection successful! Mars Heroes land at NIDUM!

3,000 new Heroes will replenish the metaverse and will start to compete with all inhabitants! Together with our friends and partners at MarsDAO, we launched the joint Mars Heroes collection! Give these newcomers a warm welcome! Mars Heroes Collection:

  • 1,000 sets of 3 Common NFT cards each

  • Races included: Voltrone, Ogya, Raptorian

  • Purchase BONUS: 3 unique Mars Chip gadgets granting +2 Agility and +1 Attack Points

  • Collection Rarity for 1 Hero: 30

Buy new NFTs:

Price: 450 $MDAO

Mars Heroes will have collection benefits and limits! The collection features a unique resource drop needed for the construction of future modules and arks called Red Regolit (Common) and bearing 30 Investment Points.

The Mars Heroes collection NFTs cannot:

  • be sold on the marketplace.

  • be replicated in the Reproduction Facility.

  • receive Polygon or genetic stimulants.

  • be withdrawn to Layer 1.

Please, note that 1 account is only eligible for 1 set of Mars Heroes!

Enjoy your holidays!

You have a few days of New Years holidays ahead, which we are sure you will spend well! We are not talking about outdoor activities and family reunions (he-he)! We are releasing several events at once that fall on these days! Take advantage of this chance and collect as many resources as possible to start the next year on a roll!


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