Game Rules

Fixed matches

Players are prohibited from participating in fixed matches in order to gain advantages in battle.

They can not:

  • Engage in fraudulent activity or take actions aimed at suppressing competition between players. This includes: - Contributing to the improvement of someone else's rating - Manipulating the matchmaking process - Increasing your rating with the help of additional accounts or collusion with other players - Getting involved in economic fraud

  • Use own or friends’ accounts to unfairly achieve the maximum rating in the battler or in other games with competitive mechanics

  • use the accounts of guilds, organizations, or companies inside the game to get the maximum individual achievements, awards, or rank positions

  • use additional browser extensions to automate the battle or matchmaking process

Unfair behavior

Players are prohibited from:

  • using plug-ins, browser extensions, or software to automate battles or matchmaking

  • using plug-ins, browser extensions, or software to automate investments, purchases, or sale of resources in modules (except for the Marketplace, where trading bots are allowed)

Breaking the rules

Violation of the rules entails:

  • confiscation of resources obtained in bad faith

  • an account block for a specific time

  • a partial block of account functionality (battle search, investing, etc.) for a specific time

  • a block of the access to all metaverse activities

For some violations, at the discretion of the team, it is possible to unlock the account for in-game tokens. This is done by taking into account that each repeated violation of the agreement rules leads to an increase in the cost of unlocking the account.

Game Rules Update

The team reserves the right to change the game rules. Each time the rules change, players will be notified through the main menu (lobby) on



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