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SIDUS GATES: Discover true Metaverse

The SIDUS GATES launchpad will partner with gaming studios to produce games inside the SIDUS ecosystem that adhere to SIDUS lore and utilize $SIDUS and $SENATE tokens. SIDUS GATES will allow users to invest in new gaming products and receive royalties from all modules on all planets of the ecosystem!

Each game product is located on a separate planet where exclusive resources can be mined. These resources are valued in every corner of the SIDUS universe, and bring us to our initial goal — a world of unlimited possibilities, social interactions, and a realized metaverse.

Next steps & adding planets to the metaverse

The SIDUS GATES mission will be unfolding in several steps: from building the module to planet discovery. Let's look into the not-too-distant future and see what's in store for this important module once it's completed.

In case you missed it, we made an interesting and super detailed AMA session on how the module will evolve. Check it out!

GameFi Launchpad co-ownership is here

The Investment stage is now open and will be continued by module construction. Please, note! SIDUS GATES is our most specific module, opening endless earning opportunities to all investors. This is why we have special requirements for those willing to participate in it. You can invest in the SIDUS GATES module only if your total Collection Rarity is 3,000 and more! Remember that Collection Rarity is the total rarity of all Heroes, Replicants, or Collection Rarity Boost Items you have. In case you are lacking some of those, consider Reproduction Capsules in Store and Marketplace!

Check out which resources you will need to invest in the module. Note that some resources have not yet been added to the game and will be introduced in the next updates!

*Coming soon — Some of the resources needed for the module are not fully studied. As soon as we make sure they are safe, the resources will become available to players.


Scaling the metaverse inevitably brings us to the question of module distribution. As mentioned above, SIDUS GATES investors will be getting royalties from all modules on all planets of the metaverse. Detailed information on the SIDUS GATES royalties will be announced upon the construction of the module.

Each module on planets will be charged a commission, which will later be distributed as follows:

→ part to SIDUS GATES investors

→ part to Ark investors

→ part to planetary module investors

→ part to SIDUS HEROES analogue modules (for example all marketplaces on all planets will share their profits with the SIDUS HEROES Marketplace investors)

Please, note that all details about the mechanics and royalty distribution are subject to change. We will be providing a comprehensive guide on SIDUS GATES during the construction of the module.

Reset your skills — we reinvented the gameplay!

Here is another big update you just can't miss! We have completely changed the combat mechanics, and each skill now works in a completely new way. Moreover, we have changed the calculation of Power for several attributes, so get ready to meet completely different faces in the arena. Matchmaking will now bring you opponents you have never met before!

Equipment and stats design UPD

Don’t skip! We updated the design of Hero’s characteristic screens. The page is now much more informative! Abilities and characteristics are located opposite the corresponding talents. When you hover over talent, a tooltip appears with a description of what the talent affects. More interface updates are coming in the next releases!

Make sure to adjust!

It takes some sweat to get used to the new system, but it's worth it! More than that we added two completely new mechanics! You were so active during the community vote, that we decided to keep them both!

Attack — Determines the amount of damage a race-based ability deals. If a Hero's attack is greater than the opponent's defense, the crit chance increases. If a Hero's attack is lower than the opponent's defense, the crit chance reduces.

Crit Chance now depends on the difference between your Hero's attack and the opponent's defense. It’s no longer dependent on the Agility stats.

Crit chance

All Heroes have a base Crit Chance of 10%. When dealing damage with a race-based ability or weapon, Crit Chance will be increased or decreased by 0.5% for each point of the difference between your Hero's Attack points and the opponent's Defense points.


  • Your Hero with Attack 10 attacks a Hero with Defense 3. Your Hero's Crit chance will be 10%(base)+0.5%*(10-3) = 13.5%.

  • Your Hero with Attack 6 attacks a Hero with Defense 8. Your Hero's Crit chance will be 10%(base)+0.5%*(6-8) = 9%.

Vitality — Determines the amount of damage that a Hero is capable of withstanding. Increases the Health Pool. The new approach to calculating Power is more important for vitality than other attributes, so pay attention: it's not just HP!

Agility — Determines a Hero's initiative and dodge chance. The Hero with the highest initiative goes first, while the others go in descending initiative order. If the dodge is triggered, the Hero does not receive damage.

High Agility Heroes now have less Crit chance, but obtain a completely new skill essential for a successful battle.


Dodge is a passive ability that gives a chance to not take damage from enemy attacks. Agility points increase the chance of the ability to trigger

What damage can you dodge?

  • Raсe-based abilities

  • Weapons

  • AOE (source regardless)

Exception: DoT

If a character takes damage from a Railgun shot, they will also receive DoT damage from that shot. This effect cannot be dodged.

Defense — Determines the effectiveness of a race-based ability applied to an ally. It contributes to a Hero’s block chance and the percentage of damage blocked if triggered. Because defense goes up as well, it reduces the opponent’s crit chance.

Block is a significant upgrade that specifically benefits supporting characters who can block the damage and help the team with their race-based ability.


Block is a passive ability that gives a chance to reduce damage taken from enemy attacks. Defense points increase the Block chance and the percentage of damage blocked.

What damage is blocked?

  • Race-based abilities

  • Weapons

  • Effect

  • AOE (source regardless)

Exception: DoT

If the damage from the Railgun shot was blocked, then the DoT will be calculated from the reduced damage. DoT damage is not blocked


The character is being shot with a Railgun for 50 damage. Block triggered. Damage reduced by 50%. The character's HP is reduced by 25. The character receives a DoT debuff. On the next turn, the character will take 25 DoT damage. Block does not affect this damage.

If your opponent is AFK, the victory will count even faster! Think fast making your decisions.

Now, you are ready to start making new strategies when forming teams! Try new experiments, be bold, and good luck!

Trade seeds in the Marketplace

So you want to gather the entire collection of plants, but it becomes more and more difficult to snag them in battle? Not a problem anymore! The first hunters are already selling their seeds on the marketplace! Choose the seed you want, and don't forget that the highest bet wins!

Get more rewards for daily ratings!!

The competition is heating up! Climbing the ratings becomes more and more difficult! We decided that it would be fair to increase the ranking awards.

We are starting a special event featuring increased rewards for daily ratings! The event will last till October 4th, 23:59 UTC!

  • CHAMP — Diamond, Emerald, Ruby

  • Rank 2 — Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire

  • Rank 3 — Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz

  • Rank 4 — Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst

  • Rank 5 — Topaz, Amethyst

  • And we added one more prize rank: Rank 6! — Amethyst

More juicy rating categories are coming in the nearest updates! You will love what you see!

Make sure you’ve completed your Daily Quests

For your convenience, we updated the counters in Daily Quests. Now you will be able to see your progress actively.

Battle preloader UI UPD

Now before entering the battle, you will see a lot of cool new art! You will also be able to see how many victories are left before you get Gold or Silver Tesseracts — so just keep going! Team Power and line-up are not displayed so that the opponent has fewer reasons to quit the battle!

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