Brontos Challenge Tournament Arrives!

Introducing the new Challenge Tournament featuring 200 Legendary Brontos robots! Compete for Legendary parts and Grand Challenge Tickets from November 25 2023 to February 12 2024! Engage in the Life Surge mode on two randomly chosen maps, including the new green one!

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X.H.R. Brontos

Brontos is a heavy robot that can disrupt enemy tower defenses with its unique march-and-provoke tactics. By targeting foes from a distance, it reduces being opposed by enemies both in towers and on the march. Brontos also dominates in close combat, utilizing its ability to stun nearby foes. This robot is a wild, untamed force!

A total of 200 Legendary X.H.R. Brontos is available. To unlock a Brontos, you need to collect 1500 parts. Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to transform their robots into valuable NFTs!

Challenge details

  • Access: Challenge Tournament Ticket or Challenge Tournament Pass

  • Total attempts: 6

  • Schedule: 17:00–19:00 UTC daily

  • Rewards: X.H.R. Brontos robots and Grand Challenge Tournament tickets

  • Mode: Life Surge

Life Surge mode

Battles involve 10 players. When a cohort takes damage, it creates a Life Orb. By picking up the orb, the cohort gains Health, depending on the damage taken by the cohort. To pick up the orb, the robot must be within a certain radius of it. This radius depends on the type of robot selected. Storm damage does not generate any Life Orbs!

The actual amount of Health restored depends on the type of robot that picks up the orb, as well as the size of that robot’s parts.

Enjoy fierce Challenge Tournament battles on the new green map called Stones and on the battle-tested old one to unlock your very own Legendary X.H.R. Brontos!

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