Ver. 0.5.0

First Robot Skins for Early Testers! New XLR & XHR abilities!

Friends, our Open Beta Test (OBT) is in full swing and everything is going swimmingly! We have thousands of dedicated and involved testers who helped us quickly eradicate bugs and improve the game! We want you to remember the players who made this all possible in the early stages by reporting errors and helping us deliver a polished product. Thank you for your help, and keep up the good work!

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First Skins Arrive. Dress up your Robot!

While the standard skin is one many of you have gotten used to, we’ve added a new skin variant to spice up the look of your army. Check out the robot settings to learn how you can get a shiny new coat of paint for your robots. We also reworked the team’s color display so that you see all your robots no matter what skin you are using!

OBT participant skin

The XMR ADAM was the first bot you met, so we decided he deserves to be honored! The Inception Skin for the XMR is the first of many skins to be added to the game. When creating it, we wanted to emphasize the hard task and tough destiny of the Xenna operators and first players who deal with the freshly released game and help us fine tune it to perfection! This skin is unique and will only be available during the OBT to highlight the game's most dedicated and early testers.

Check out the main lobby where you will see the sales widget indicating a special OBT participant skin box available in the Store. The number of boxes is limited to 1,000 and they will never be reissued again. We’ll run the sale as long as there are boxes. Each user will be able to buy an unlimited number of boxes and store them in the inventory. Each box drops an Inception Skin with a 100% chance. If you open the box and find that you already have the skin, you’ll get 25,000 GCELL instead.

You can always stock up on chests for future generations of players. Buy and store in your inventory, and when the time comes — sell to everyone willing to obtain this unique skin!

Guard System for XLR GOTH

The long-awaited XLR GOTH Guard System finally arrives! When applied, this ability activates a special drone robot that guards warp ambushes and obelisks abandoned by player units. The drone fights enemy robots to protect your property even when you are not there.

Warp Interference for XHR ARES

It’s always such a shame when you’re out for a walk and suddenly find yourself in an ambush, so here’s some extra security! The new Warp Interference ability makes ARES even more invincible! When your cohort enters an enemy warp ambush, ARES hits the enemy units with an electric discharge and forces them to return to the tower. You can either avoid fighting robots in an ambush (if you were just passing the radius), or fight them inside the tower on more favorable terms.

Control the Damage!

Tournaments are exciting but it is not always possible to understand your progress. To help with this, you can now see how much damage you have dealt to make the outcome of a battle more predictable. Check it out under the main team info scale.

Keep it Neat!

Order on the shelf — order in the head! We tidied up your inventory and sorted out all the chests by type. We also added a counter for the number of boxes of each type.

Fighting Long Downloads & Glitches

We are aware of the stuttering issues in the game, and we know how frustrating it can be, especially if you're playing in a powerhouse. We decided to completely rewrite the interaction with the server, and permanently eliminate these problems. In this update, you may still have some bugs, but this is due to our new code. We will be fixing this as we move forward. As always, your feedback is valuable! That's why we do OBTs!

Bug Fixes

We fixed some problems with the “Napalm” and “Gravity Traps” abilities. They should work as intended without any glitches.

We have also prepared a technical base for future gaming events and project scaling. Enjoy!

// Personal account UPD

You remember that your Xenna personal account will one day become a connecting gateway between all games in the metaverse? So we progressively move towards the joint SIDUS ID for entering any game — and therefore the entire metaverse. This update is just another technological level bearing important consequences for the whole ecosystem!

Juicy offers in the Shop!

We decided to pamper you with a wider GORE range in the Shop! We changed the amount of GORE received in some offers for bigger options!

We didn't stop there and added two more new offers — even bigger than the ones we already have!! In total you now have a choice of 6 GORE offers of a very wide range — how cool is that??

Log in with email!

Email or MetaMask — the choice is yours now! We are changing the initial user flow to help newcomers faster integrate in the metaverse.

Authorize in your personal account and get access to downloading the game. Now your accounts will be automatically connected and you will be seeing all your assets from day one on Xenna! No more confusion!

Immediately after authorization you will be taken to the main page of your account, which contains not only downloading buttons, but also a history of patch notes, and a navigation menu for moving around your personal account.

UI Updates

We also never get tired of constantly improving the design of the interface, including even the smallest details. This time we have added a basic responsive design of your personal account for different devices and a nice design to emails. We think it turned out great! Do you agree?

It’s all about mass adoption

Do you remember the AMA session with the founders where they shared the Xenna roadmap and the team’s plans to add the game to the major stores? So every new update brings us closer to the implementation of these plans! Xenna suits well for players who like to participate in tournaments or just play casually. But every time we add new features or expand some functionality, we open the gate for a new audience. And so far we are doing great!

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