Ver. 0.2.4F


Wave Modulator Effect Background

You might have seen a visual bug sometimes when using the Wave Modulator: an effect with a black background was displayed. We fixed this problem to make it easier for visual perception.

Damage & Defense

Your Heroes were blocking more damage than they should with some Defense parameters, but that's a thing of the past now. We fixed the bug — fair play rules!

Who needs defense anyway when planning mass destruction? This bug has been fixed, and now your AoE damage will not be blocked even with zero defense! Before the bug fix, AoE damage could be fully blocked with a defense of zero.

Battle Downloader Extra Sounds

The fight downloader is important, but these extra sounds are not needed! We removed these sounds that you may have heard before some fights. Your neighbors won't wake up now!

Ability hints

Hints disappeared from some screen resolutions, which is obviously not fair. Everyone deserves tips and tricks, and to know what Agility and Defense are for. Now it does not matter which screen you read the tips from — they are all visible, and it is easier for you to think over a strategy.

Guild rating goes on maintenance

We want you to have as many opportunities to express yourself as possible, and therefore we have already added many new rankings and are preparing more! But fair play is still our priority!

We analyzed the current ranking categories and sent one of them in for revision.

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