Ver. 0.1.12

Store and Dropboxes

  • The first module of the SIDUS Central Station — the Store – is open and ready to welcome its first customers!

Items and Resources

Added Dropboxes of three qualities.

Each dropbox contains composite materials, gadgets and toolboxes. Every toolbox gives an exclusive skin for the future ship. They can be bought in the Store.

Common Dropbox

  • Priced at 48 $SIDUS

  • Volume: 50,000

  • Daily limit: 15

Epic Dropbox

  • Priced at 480 $SIDUS

  • Volume: 10,000

  • Daily limit: 8

Legendary Dropbox

  • Priced at 4,800 $SIDUS

  • Volume: 2,000

  • Daily limit: 3

Added Gadgets.

Gadgets are limited edition items that intensify the owner's abilities. The first batch of in-game gadgets will only be available via dropboxes and will never appear anywhere else in the game. The second installment of in-game gadgets will be released in the future updates.

  • Thermo Catalyst — increases damage of Thermo attacks

  • Hydro Catalyst — increases damage of Hydro attacks

  • Bleeding Catalyst — increases Bleeding damage

  • Electric Catalyst — increases damage of Electric attacks

  • Vitality Aid — increases Vitality

  • Defensive Overlay — increases Defense

  • Attack Amplifier — increases Attack

  • Agility Accelerator — increases Agility

  • Freshman - race-specific gadgets that give 1 additional energy point to use when a battle begins. Each Gadget belongs to a specific race, so the Raptorian gadget will not fit Ogya/Voltrone and vice versa.

Composite Resources are now available

Composite materials are already featured in the three new modules and are now available in dropboxes from the Store. They come in 6 rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Unique, Rare, Epic and Legendary — they all have different probabilities of being found inside a dropbox

Skins for Ships

Toolboxes can be dropped from Dropboxes. They contain skins for Space Ships, which will be presented in the future.


  • Music was added to each Battle Arena

Optimization and Bugfixes

  • Optimizing graphics for flawless gaming

  • Fixed the display for Raptorian’s Acid Spit in the Mozilla browser

  • Applied some fixes to the Matchmaking process

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