Sidus Market

Sidus Market is the ultimate NFT store where you can trade items from every project within the SIDUS Metaverse. The trading process takes place in accordance with the Dutch Auction principles.

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Dutch Auction: This is an auction format where initially, the highest price for the item being sold is announced, and then bids decrease until the first buyer agrees to the price at which the item is sold.

Before the start of a Dutch Auction (DA), a registry of all NFTs in the metaverse available for sale is created, known as the Drop List.

The number of slots put up for sale is determined by the number of unique users who have visited the site in the last 24 hours, with a minimum number of slots that can be designated independently.

After the DA starts, NFTs are selected from the Drop List, taking into account the probabilities of selection. These NFTs are assigned ordinal numbers and listed for sale.

The starting price for each lot varies based on:

  • Collection

  • Quality

  • Project

  • Type

After the first batch is listed, users can visit the Drop List section to see how many and which NFTs are still available for sale.

Dutch Auction Rules:

  • Time between price drops: 10 minutes

  • Percentage decrease in price: 2.5% from the previous price

  • Time until the issuance of a new batch of cards: 6 hours

  • Number of cards in a batch: depends on online activity at the time of issuance

  • The time interval size for counting the number of users: 24 hours

  • There is no minimum price threshold

How It Works

  1. Users can access the website:

  2. When the auction starts, the first batch of lots is displayed on the screen, and users can begin buying lots.

  3. Each lot represents a known in-game asset from one of the projects within the metaverse.

  4. Every lot has its own sequential number, and players can purchase lots of any number.

  5. All users can participate in the auction.

  6. Currency for purchases: ETH, $SIDUS, $SENATE, $QSIDUS (quasi-currency) and USDT.

  7. Purchased NFTs are displayed in the inventory on the website.

  8. Users can claim the asset to their Metamask wallet on the Linea or Ethereum network, depending on the collection. When claimed, the asset becomes an NFT and is recorded on the blockchain.

The first available item was the Common NIDUM Starter Pack, which includes a set (3 collection cards of Zeus and equipment for heroes) to start playing NIDUM Arena. It’s an NFT and belongs to the NIDUM Items collection. After purchase, it can be claimed to a Metamask wallet or released into the game through Sidus Hub. Lots related to all the games in the metaverse will constantly appear on Sidus Market.


$QSIDUS is a virtual in-game currency created exclusively for internal functioning of the SIDUS Metaverse and for rewards. It can be used as a payment method for Sidus Market and represents a quasi-token that is not a full-fledged currency. The $QSIDUS exchange rate is 1:1 with USD. It’s used to pay 100% of the lot's price without delays in blockchain transactions but it cannot be withdrawn to your wallet.

Acquisition method:

  • Rewards in games.

  • Converting tokens from the Metamask wallet.

  • Cashback for purchases.

  • Percentage from purchases of referred users.

  • Refunds for unsuccessful transactions or when another user buys the lot at the time of the transaction.

At the time of creating a transaction, the exchange rate and the lot's price are fixed. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, an error window appears indicating the refund amount. The price is fixed at the time of creating the transaction.

Payment Methods

The following payment methods are used for purchases: ETH, $SIDUS, $SENATE, USDT and $QSIDUS. The choice of payment method can be made through a dropdown menu on the main screen or on the confirmation screen.

Payment methods can be categorized into two types:

  1. Cryptocurrency Payment: Tokens accepted include ETH, $SIDUS, $SENATE, USDT. This method has the longest transaction speed, carrying the risk of another user buying the lot. In such cases, tokens are converted at the rate into $QSIDUS and credited to the Sidus Market balance.

  2. $QSIDUS Payment: The fastest payment method, as it does not require transaction confirmation time and additional gas fees since funds are deducted from the in-game account.


For every purchase made using any payment method (including $QSIDUS), the user receives cashback in $QSIDUS. Cashback is credited to your balance within 3 working days from the moment of payment. Cashback is calculated based on the total spent amount on Sidus Market and is divided into several levels. The current percentage and the amount needed to reach the next level can be seen in the Royalty Share section.

Referral System

Every user who enters Sidus Market can generate their unique referral link. Users who follow this link are added to the Referral List of the link owner. With each purchase made by a referral, the link owner receives a percentage in $QSIDUS, which is immediately credited to the Sidus Market balance. In the Royalty Share section, the user can see what, when, and for how much their referral purchased, as well as their percentage for that purchase. In the same section, the user can generate their referral link.

Users can become a referral after their initial registration on Sidus Market or after making a purchase. The referral system is divided into 4 levels. The level increases based on the total amount spent by referrals. With each new level, the percentage of returns from referral purchases increases.

Linea/DeGame Rewards Distribtuion

In the initial phase of Sidus Market, only the Inventory is available. Rewards earned by users are credited to the Inventory.

Rewards are layer-2 assets on the Linea Mainnet network that users receive for their ranking in DeGame. Among the rewards are parts of cyborgs and $QSIDUS.

Players who rank in the top receive one of two rewards depending on their ranking:

  • The top 10 receive the Tembazar Exclusive NFT Robot, consisting of 6 parts.

  • Rankings 11-300 receive the Tembazar Exclusive NFT BOX, with 2 parts from the robot.

Tembazar Exclusive NFT BOX

This is a non-NFT box that contains 2 NFT parts of a cyborg. It can be opened directly in Sidus Market. After opening, the user randomly receives 2 out of 6 parts of the cyborg from the Linea Entertainment Festival event.

Both parts can be individually claimed to a Metamask wallet by paying gas for each part. Afterward, the user can connect their wallet to the Tembazar game, and all owned parts will automatically be integrated into the game.

Bonus for the Store & Marketplace co-owners

In addition, to incentivize believers, we are introducing a unique promotion!

All owners of the Store and Marketplace modules on Nidum Station will share 5% (per module) of all Sidus Market transactions starting from November 1 and continuing until December 31.

The rewards will be paid in $QSIDUS to your Sidus Market accounts. The distribution for the previous month will take place before the 10th of the next month according to ownership share. You can use these tokens for purchases on the platform.

Furthermore, all co-owners of modules will receive a one-time bonus of 25 $QSIDUS each on November 1st.

Enjoy Sidus Market to the max!

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