Ver. 0.16.0

Aeolus Tournament, New Co-Op Mode & GOre Bonuses!

Xenna Version 0.16.0 brings exciting updates on New Year’s Eve! Introducing the new Base Tournament, with 600 Rare X.M.R. Aeolus robot rewards; the long-awaited Co-Op mode, allowing you to pair up in battles; and the GOre Fest, an event that grants you a 50% GOre Bonus with every purchase! Intrigued? There’s much more to share!

Meet the Aeolus Base Tournament!

Gear up for the Aeolus Base Tournament — a new event with 600 Rare X.M.R. Aeolus robots on the line! Join us daily from December 21 2023 until April 18 2024 and win 1,000 parts that assemble into this treasure!

X.M.R. Aeolus

Aeolus is a Rare, medium-class robot that transforms air currents into deadly weapons. Thanks to its turbines, this unit can maneuver effectively on the battlefield, delivering unexpected and devastating attacks on its opponents. You will require 1,000 parts to unlock a X.M.R. Aeolus.

Tournament Rules

Start Date: December 21 2023

End Date: April 18 2024

Only players who own a Tournament Access Card can access the Aeolus Base Tournament. This card can be obtained by completing the Trophy Road.

During the tournament, players have unlimited battles per day. We’ve changed the access rules. Now you have 3 free battles per day and you can unlock unlimited attempts in 2 ways:

  1. With a 30-day Base Tournament Pass

  2. By using 1 Base Tournament Ticket

Both options can be purchased from the Tournament Shop.

Mode: ‘Overcoming Limits’

  • The number of robots is limited to a “spawn cap’. When this is reached, any abilities that produce robots will stop working.

  • When knocking out an opponent, a player’s spawn cap increases and they receive bonus robots.

  • The spawn cap and bonuses depend on the type of robot.

The rating calculation formula remains unchanged:

  • Damage inflicted in battle * Place influence coefficient

Tournament ratings are determined by a player’s most successful battle.


Players that rank in the Top 100 of the tournament will receive:

  • Parts for the 600 Rare X.M.R. Aeolus robots

  • Challenge Tournament Tickets

Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to transform their Aeolus robots into valuable NFTs!

New Co-Op Mode: DUOS

It’s what you’ve been waiting for! Players can now double up with their mates in a new game mode and fight other squads in pairs!

Ally Notifications

In this mode, players can notify allies of their intentions by double-clicking on an object on the map:


  • Allied cohorts do not engage in combat on the march.

  • Control can be transferred to an allied squad by sending it to an allied structure.


  • Number of teams: 5.

  • Number of players per team: 2.

  • Victory conditions: be the last surviving team on the battlefield.

  • Storm: like in the 10-player Battle Royale mode.


GOre Fest

Get the maximum benefits during the holiday season with GOre Fest! From December 22 2023 to January 7 2024, when you purchase any pack using any payment method, you’ll receive a +50% bonus! For your convenience, we’ve added a new payment method — GOre for SIDUS!

Hurry up and take advantage of the offer! You can make an unlimited number of purchases during this period. Seize the opportunity now:!

Additional Updates

Life Surge in All Battles

Now, after reaching a rating of 100, players will get to participate in the Battle Royale with the “Life Surge” mode.

Interface Update

We’ve revamped the user interface and its functionality, including improvements to the Mode Selection window and updates to the Lobby screen.

Bug Fixes

Work has been done to address identified issues, significantly enhancing the stability and quality of the gaming experience.

We’d like to remind you that green maps only randomly appear in tournaments, so if you want to experience them, we invite you to participate! The Aeolus Base Tournament is already live and awaiting players. Download Xenna ver. 0.16.0 and try out all the updates!

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