Replicants are a new Collection of Heroes, created in the image of the existing Heroes from the GENESIS and ACADEMY collections. To obtain Replicants, Player should use Reproduction Facility with Reproduction Capsules and Genetic Stimulants.

Despite the fact that Replicants will not participate in battles, they will be fully-fledged members of your team, influencing your Collection Rarity, and your module investment limits.

Replicants will be involved in the module construction process via one of the following professions:

  • Chemists, who will produce pills for further work

  • Researchers, who will explore new modules

  • Builders, who will be in charge of the construction process

Replicants of different rarities have different characteristics.

Pills are produced in the Chemical Laboratory. Replicants will produce 2 types of pills that are mandatory for builders and researchers to keep working. There is no other way to make pills other than with Chemists.

Researchers will explore new modules and earn Research Points. Builders will build modules from materials that were collected during the investment stage and earn Construction Points.

Each Replicant can practice any profession. However, each race will have their own privileges!

Unlike Common and Epic Replicants, Legendary Replicants can work in the Bank module as “Operators" and withdraw funds.

Replicants are available to purchase from the Marketplace. Prices for all races (Ogya/Raptorian/Voltrone) are the same:

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