Hero Progression Guide

The Sidus Team has taken another significant step towards rewarding the community by designing a Hero Progression Bonus System. The Economic Level Up system offers a new avenue for extracting the true value of your characters inside the SIDUS Metaverse. Consider your Hero as a miniature module that enables you to exchange your time and items for $SIDUS rewards and new capabilities. To help you seamlessly navigate this exciting development, we present this brief summary of the process.

Academy & Genesis Collection Values

In the Sidus ecosystem, characters from the Academy and Genesis collections have been assigned the following values:

Maximum Potential Gains (MPG)

The Maximum Potential Gains (MPG) that players can achieve by advancing their Heroes through a multi-level Hero progression system are as follows:

  • A Common Hero offers a 500% MPG across 8 E-Levels, which amounts to $500*

  • An Epic Hero provides a 400% MPG across 10 E-Levels, which amounts to $4,000*

  • A Legendary Hero yields a 300% MPG across 12 E-Levels, which amounts to $30,000*

*These are the maximum values. To achieve them, you need to be the first to complete the economic level-up process at each level, for your Hero's particular rarity. Rewards will be credited to your in-game balance in $SIDUS tokens at the exchange rate at the time of your claim.

Progression and Competition

To advance through the Economic Levels, players must:

  • Accumulate Progression Points through in-game battles.

  • Acquire the required resources for each level, either through gameplay or from the marketplace.

  • Initiate the E-Level Up process by utilizing the resources needed to start the E-Level Up Timer.

  • Have the option to speed up the Timer and finish the process ahead of others so as to secure a position higher up on the Leaderboard and receive a higher reward.

There's a competitive element among players at each level:

  1. Players who finish the E-Level Up process ahead of others receive more $SIDUS tokens than those who finish later.

  2. Subsequent players receive rewards that decrease according to a set sliding scale, bottoming out at 150% Return of Contributions (ROС) until the 1,200,000,000 $SIDUS tokens rewards pool is depleted. The pool is divided between the different cards types, according to their rarity:

  • Common: 240,000,000 $SIDUS

  • Epic: 360,000,000 $SIDUS

  • Legendary: 600,000,000 $SIDUS

Economic Level Up Requirements

  • Progression Points: Your Hero accumulates Progression Points by successfully completing DAILY BATTLES. These Points are essential for upgrades.

  • Max Progression Points for E-Leveling Up: Your Hero can level up once they acquire the maximum possible amount of Progression Points needed for the next level.

  • Resource Gathering: In addition to Progression Points, you must gather the necessary in-game resources required for the level-up process. Resources must be redeemed during this process, making them a vital component of advancement.

By meeting these conditions, you can initiate the level-up process for your Hero.

E-Level Up Process

  1. When you meet all the level-up requirements, you can start the process for your Hero.

  2. Resources will be redeemed during the level-up process.

  3. Each E-Level has specific time requirements for completing the level-up process.

  4. You can choose to accelerate the E-Level Up Timer by using XP cards and reaching the new level faster.

$QSIDUS Extra Bonus

Before initiating the E-Level Up process, you're presented with the option to receive an extra reward in $QSIDUS, which can be up to 40% of the initial reward. To obtain the full 40% bonus, you must lock x5 the amount of $SIDUS tokens for a duration of 3 months, with a 10% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). These locked tokens cannot be unlocked before the 3-month lock period expires.

$QSIDUS is an in-game reward token that can only be used within the game to purchase content through the Sidus Market system. It's not tradable or exchangeable outside of the game environment and is designed to enhance the in-game experience by allowing players to acquire in-game items, content and assets. The $QSIDUS exchange rate is 1:1 with USD. This quasi-token can be accumulated by participating in various activities, both in and outside of the SIDUS Metaverse and Sidus partners can also be rewarded with it, potentially fostering new partnerships and collaborations.

We want to express our gratitude to the roundtable members who helped us create this article.


Where do the rewards come from?

The rewards originate from a dedicated pool of 1.2 billion $SIDUS tokens, thoughtfully allocated by the Team for this event.

Can the pool run out of tokens?

Yes indeed, there is a possibility that the fund will deplete gradually. However, if the value of $SIDUS tokens continues to appreciate, it would ensure a sustained supply of rewards over an extended period of time.

What happens when I reach the Top level?

Reaching the Top level unlocks a captivating opportunity to harvest new resources that will be crucial to the advancement of upcoming collections. Also, new professions will only be available to Heroes that have reached a certain level.

What's the difference between Academy and Genesis characters?

Characters from the Academy Collection gain Progression Points faster than Genesis Collection characters. For example, a team of three Legendary Academy characters can attain the necessary upgrade level in just 30 days, whereas the Genesis collection characters would require 52 days to hit the same milestone. This highlights the distinct pace of progression of the two different character types.

What are the fees for using the Hero Upgrade Center module?

In alignment with the Module Economy, which generously rewards those who participate in its construction, 10% of the Hero Progression rewards (from the initial 1.2 billion $SIDUS allocation) will be directed at module contributors. It's important to note that additional collections will have their own reward pools allocated, further enhancing the potential for contributors to benefit from this innovative ecosystem.

More details can be found here.

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