Ver. 0.2.23

Hero Upgrade Center Arrives Alongside DeGame Quests!

The new Version 0.2.23 brings several crucial updates in one go. Nidum quests are now available as part of the Linea Entertainment Festival; the Longum collection introduces NFT-free access to Arena Battler; and the Hero Upgrade Center has reached the resource collection stage. Additionally, we have prepared compensation for Staking module co-owners. Sound intense? Explore all the details below!

DeGame Quests

DeGame, the world’s largest GameFi aggregator, presents an extraordinary event — the Linea Entertainment Festival — in which all games from the SIDUS Metaverse will be participating and Nidum Arena Battler is no exception! From September 27, 9:00 UTC to October 10, 9:00 UTC 2023, you can embark on quests at Nidum Station, earn Contribution Points (CP), climb the ranks and share in some valuable rewards — $110,000 worth of $QSIDUS tokens and 110 unique Tembazar robots!

  • Quests are open to all players on Nidum Station.

  • To complete these quests, you will need a MetaMask and DeGame account.

  • After completing a quest, you can claim CP points.

  • Some quests can be completed by battling in the arena, achieving victories and opening loot boxes — Golden Tesseracts.

  • The other way is by contributing resources to modules and making deposits.

You can view the full list of quests and rewards on the official SIDUS HEROES page on DeGame!

After the event concludes on DeGame, users who rank highest in points will receive prizes. Get ready for some real competition!

Longum Collection

Did you order NFT-free access to Nidum? Now, all players have access to a trial period and to a subscription for the Longum collection, allowing Arena Battler to be played without purchasing any NFT heroes!

The Longum collection trial period features:

  • A free trial period.

  • Players receive 3 Longum collection cards (non-NFTs).

  • It lasts for 7 days.

  • If you subscribe without using the trial period or during it, the remaining trial days will be added to your initial 30 days of subscription.

  • Restricted access to resource investment in modules (only in $SIDUS and $SENATE).

  • Heroes receive Common and Uncommon resources and a unique resource called Trantoe.

After the trial period ends, heroes will be locked. To unlock them, a subscription must be purchased. The cost of a subscription is $25, deducted from your in-game balance at the current exchange rate. If you like, you can even activate the auto-renewal feature.

Hero Upgrade Center — Resource Collection

One of the most anticipated modules has finally reached the resource collection stage — introducing the Hero Upgrade Center! Exclusively located on Nidum Station, this module allows you to enhance your Hero’s Economic Rank, which will be crucial for future business operations.

Prepare your resources for contribution if you crave the biggest share in the module. Aim for the Top 25 in the rankings to snag yourself some exclusive and limited rewards.

Explore all the details in the Wiki.

Compensation for Staking Owners

We’ve uncovered a little flaw in our system relating to the Staking module. Turns out, our fantastic co-owners were only receiving 90% of the total rewards they deserved instead of 100%. Our bad — there was a 10% shortfall on our end.

We’ve since swooped in to fix things. We’ve spread that missing 10% among all you rockstars according to your individual contributions to the module. And guess what? We’ve also made sure that every co-owner gets their rightful stash of $SIDUS and $SENATE tokens for the entire duration.

Check out the full list.

Sorry… and thanks for being amazing!!

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