Ver. 0.1.19

Bank License Display for TOP investors

  • Now all Bank ratings participants will be able to see what rewards have already been handed out. The reward for investing in the Bank module is licenses that allow you to carry out banking activities on other planets and get Royalties for them. In the near future, you will be able to use a Banking License to purchase local planets’ currencies from other users, which will become valuable resources to have.

UI updates

  • Changed the display of the text in the Modules section to make it more legible and easier on the eye.

  • A "LAGGING?" button has been added to the lobby screen to indicate when your computer is having trouble processing data. By following the link, you will find a guide.

  • Slightly reduced the screen area that the Hero turn order uses during battles so that it doesn’t cover up too much of the battle locations.

  • Synced the HP order with the HP in the game so as not to cause confusion while playing.

  • Changed the Bluffing icon design

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