Ver. 0.2.2

One year ago we released the original GENESIS collection, which has become a favorite among many players. Today, this collection is one of the most beneficial in the game: from their ability to lock again and again for new in-game characters to numerous other perks in the game!

We are kicking off our birthday event to mark the anniversary of the collection and celebrate those who have spent this year with us! Thank you for believing in the project, your devotion, and your interest in what we do! Stay tuned to our socials, and don’t miss the awesome birthday contest!

Happy Birthday GENESIS Collection!

GENESIS Heroes are giving out gifts! The anniversary week will start with the distribution of cool reward medals, for which we created a separate category in your inventory! The Pioneer Medal is one of the first in a series of commemorative items!

Players with activated accounts are rewarded with Pioneer Medals which adds to their daily limit of reward wins! The medal has three tiers based on how long you have been activated in the game. Each tier gives a different boost to daily fights.

Anyone who released a Hero before September 7 will get a medal! The longer you have been in the game, the higher tier you get!

Scholars, you are not left out! There is a medal for you as well! In your case the activation date was the moment a Hero was received from your Guildmaster.

Polygons farming!

The celebration will go on all week until September 16. A special reward goes to GENESIS Heroes, of course! During the event, they will receive an increased limit on farming Polygons!

Legendary Hero → 20 Polygons

Epic Hero → 6 Polygons

Common Hero → 2 Polygons

This is a great moment to get a GENESIS Hero if you have not already! Polygons are one of the most valuable resources and only available to GENESIS Heroes. Just one Polygon brings you 500 Investment points!

Toadwing Eggs available in Marketplace

Hurrah! Now you can buy a future pet on the marketplace! Did not have time to collect the entire collection during the Egg Hunt? Not a problem! Other players are already selling their surplus with might and main!

But that's not all! Each egg has a tier which will directly affect the utility of the egg. There are a total of 9 tiers, with the most valuable being the 9th tier!

Intrigued? Very soon you will find out who will hatch from the eggs and what you can expect from them!

Marketplace items purchase at the maximum bid

Now, those auctioning items on the marketplace can only sell to the bidder with the highest offer. The seller can see the history of bids, but they can only confirm the maximum bid.

If the auction timer expires, the item goes to the player with the highest bid. If the player who made the highest bid does not have the required amount in their account, the item goes to the next highest bidder on the list.

Unlimited number of items in stack

You’ve got a lot of potatoes, don’t you? From now on all items of one kind will be kept in one stack with no limit to the stack number. You will also have indicators telling you exactly how many items you have!

We will keep working on the interface to make it as convenient and elaborate as possible. We are constantly testing different approaches to optimize the display of large numbers on all screens.

Full list of module owners

Full number of module owners

One step closer to the full transparency! Now you can see the full number of those who invested in a module and became its co-owner.

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