Ver. 0.2.16

New Marathon Quest!

Dear friends, are you strong enough to last 7 days in our new marathon quest? Let’s test your endurance! Only the most dedicated and engaged players will be able to win marathon prizes, but this is always the basis of our approach: to reward those who love our game just as much as we do and are ready to devote every day of their lives to it!

Show your Dedication & Get Rewarded in the Marathon Quest!

We value your time and we value those who make the game a part of their life! Such devotion always finds reward in SIDUS HEROES. That’s why we are announcing the start of the first ever battle marathon in the history of Sidus Heroes. Upon completing it you will not only be able to receive a Gold Tesseract, but also genetic stimulants!

The conditions are simple: you need to play 3 battles a day. Whether you win these battles or not, you will receive a Silver Tesseract CCC.

Attention! AFK fights will not be counted!

Each daily condition can only be fulfilled once per day. After completing it, you will have to wait until the next day to complete the next. For example, during the marathon, you cannot get 2 Silver Tesseracts in one day from the marathon quests.

3 Golden Tesseracts and 15 Genetic Stimulants — this is the ultimate goal! For 7 days of participation in the marathon, you will receive exactly these prizes! If you played 2 days in a row, and then missed a few days, your progress will not burn — you will continue to complete the 3rd day of the marathon and go towards your goal!

Tune your Game like Clockwork!

You know how important it is for us to make our game available to people all over the world, regardless of their device. This is why we work regularly to give you the opportunity to optimize your gameplay and focus on more important things!

We're extending the Battle and Lobby settings for you to comfortably play no matter how powerful your PC is. Adjust the graphics and sound before the fight, and you will not risk going AFK on the field. Set the light, shadows, and resolution at as high or low quality as is comfortable for your rig. Enjoy the artwork of our graphic designers on every battlefield of the metaverse!

What’s new?

  1. The “ALL SETTINGS” window provides more flexible game settings

  2. Some of the settings now have tips to help you see what these parameters are responsible for

  3. The settings are now divided into Lobby and Battle settings, so that you can adjust your war and peace periods separately!

Justice restored!

Dear friends, we have reviewed all appeals that you have submitted about the confiscated assets. We are very grateful for your patience. It allowed us to thoroughly check and eliminate all possible game abuse and punish the perps. We are now ready to return all the assets to those of you who were found not-guilty. We apologize and once again express our gratitude!

Please, check the list of the users who will receive their seeds and $SIDUS. If you did not make it on the list, but still think that you were accused unfairly, please contact our support team.

List of appeals

Get Ready for the Event Season!

Sidusians, we have a lot of cool events and features ahead of us that are about to be released. In many of them, your combat skills and loot will play a decisive role. So take advantage of this update to eliminate any obstacles on the way to success and get as much loot as you can! Good luck!

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