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Win one of 100 unique X.L.R. HERMES in the new Challenge Tournament!

Friends, we’ve completed many events since the beginning of this summer’s tournament season! Meet the new Hermes Challenge Tournament, where we’ll be giving away 100 Legendary X.L.R. HERMES robots! Play every day and collect robot parts to become the owner of unique content that will later transform into unique gaming NFTs!!!

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About the tournament

HERMES Challenge Tournament starts on August 10, 2023 and will last until September 23, 2023 (inclusive).

The rating formula for this tournament remains the same:

Damage inflicted in battle * Coefficient of place influence

The Top 100 players will receive valuable parts for the new X.L.R. HERMES robot and tickets for the Grand Challenge Tournament, featuring a $50,000 prize pool!

HERMES is an agile robot whose main weapons are guided and unguided rockets, Artillery Defense and Auto-Regen abilities that provide additional damage, plus the automatic recovery of robots and their teams. Hermes is a high-tech solution for quick response and successful adaptation on the battlefield, making it a valuable asset in team battles.

Key abilities:

“Flight” makes the robot one of the fastest in the game and most suitable for an aggressive game. It can travel at ultra-low altitudes and overcome any obstacles.

“It’s Mine” allows robots to copy and use the abilities of other players in combat.

To enter the tournament, you will need:

  • Any robot at Lvl 60

  • A Tournament Access Card

You have 6 tournament battles per day. All battles demand a Challenge Tournament Ticket or an active Challenge Tournament Pass.

NEW! Life Surge mode — recover from damage!

Battles take place in a special arena with 10 players. When a cohort takes damage, it creates a Life Orb. By picking up the orb, the cohort gains health, based on the damage taken by the cohort. To pick up the orb, the robot must be within a certain radius of it. This radius depends on the type of robot selected.

The actual amount of health restored depends on the type of robot that picks up the orb and the size of that robot’s parts.

! Storm damage does not generate any Life Orbs!

What’s new in Tournament Shops?

We’re expanding the Shops and offering a bonus in the form of a discount for loyal players eager for more battles!

New in Base Tournament Shop!

New in Challenge Tournament Shop!

Flawless flows

We have made some updates to the problematic flows, making them more user-friendly and convenient. Check them out and let us know what you think!

  • GOre and GCell purchase with insufficient funds

  • Robot upgrade with a shortage of fragments

  • GOre purchase navigation for guest accounts

  • Shard conversion flow

Bug fixes & Tech UPD

There are always some little bugs crawling around the project. We try to catch them at the door, improving the stability and quality of the gameplay.

We have also prepared the technical base for some future in-game events. Soon, our tournaments and challenges will become even spicier!

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