Ver. 0.1.15

New race-based ability mechanics

  • Heroes’ race-based abilities are now more powerful and depend on a few factors (Energy and Health Points)

Ogya’s Fire Breath

The higher HP percentage a Hero has, the more extra AoE damage (on the target’s allies) the race-based ability causes.

Raptorian’s Acid Spit

The lower HP percentage a Hero has, the higher damage the race-based ability causes.

Voltrone’s Lightning Bolt

The more Energy Points a Hero has, the higher damage the race-based ability causes.

Team Bonus Event

July 5th - 18th

The event involves an extra resource bonus that each Hero on the team can receive for a victory, depending on his collection and rarity.

  1. Legendary Heroes are eligible for Marble, Malachite, Gold Bars & Platinum Ingots.

  2. Epic Heroes are eligible for Red Granite, Smart Concrete, Steel Ingots & Silver Ingots.

  3. Common Heroes are eligible for Limestone, Slate, Copper Bars & Aluminum Ingots.

Your chance to receive a bonus depends on the number of Heroes you have from each collection:

  • Academy Heroes have: 3% per 1 Hero, 9% per 2 Heroes, 27% per 3 Heroes.

  • Genesis Heroes have: 5% per 1 Hero, 15% per 2 Heroes, 45% per 3 Heroes.

How it works: If you have 3 Heroes of different rarities, you cannot add up the drop chances But if you have two Epic Genesis Heroes and one Epic Academy Hero on the team, you will have a total chance of 18% to receive a bonus (2 Gen characters give you 15%, while 1 Academy gives you 3%).

June Booster Event

The new event starts on June 28th and will last for 7 days. The bonus includes an increased in the number of daily victory fights from 10 to 25, as well as increased investment limits for resources.

Users will be able to obtain 3x the amount of resources and the module investment limit will double for Limestone, Slate, Copper Bars and Aluminum Ingots.

An extra drop of 10-100 $SIDUS for each Hero in battle will also be included in the event.

Waiting for opponent timer

From now on, you will always know for sure how long you need to wait for your opponent. The timer will appear on the Matchmaking page as soon as your character is fully ready for the battle. After three minutes, you will be returned to the lobby if an opponent is still not found!

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