How to Play Cosmic Gears

In this guide, we explain how to play Cosmic Gears — a Telegram-based gaming project by Sidus Heroes, developed in collaboration with Franck Muller and ByBit. The main goal for players is to accumulate the highest score possible during the competition period and earn a position in the Top 100, to stand a chance of winning some exclusive Franck Muller watches.

Game start date: April 29, 07:00 am UTC Game end date: May 29, 07:00 am UTC

The Lobby

In the game Lobby, you'll find information about your character and the tournament, as well as other relevant facts and functions:

  1. Play Button

  2. Leaderboard

  3. Achievements

  4. Character Collection

  5. Nickname

  6. Sound On/Off Button

  7. Selected Character

  8. Player's Best Score

  9. Player's Rank

Game Interface

Players must control a spaceship and perform simple mathematical operations as part of the game. Before the first flight, players can run through a one-time tutorial.

Interface elements:

  1. The player’s ship.

  2. Numbers collected by the player.

  3. Mathematical signs collected by the player.

  4. Your current number.

  5. The numerical range needed to pass the level.

  6. The time given to complete the level. The game ends when the timer reaches zero.

  7. A level indicator.

  8. The player's score during the flight. Points are awarded after each level.

  9. The score of the best player for that level.


After completing each level, players earn points for:

  1. Collecting a mathematical sign, which is displayed on the spaceship.

  2. Collecting numbers, which will join the player's current number once the sign is applied to it.

  3. Ensuring the player's current number is within the numerical range, before the timer runs down.


  1. Current number = 8. Numerical range = 30-90. Level = 1.

  2. The player controls the spaceship.

  3. The player collects the [x] sign.

  4. The player collects the number 9.

  5. Player's new current number = 72 (8 x 9 = 72), with 44 seconds left on the timer.

  6. The player advances to Level 2 and earns 44 points (44 x 1 = 44).


To score more points, complete the levels as quickly as possible:

[level points] = [remaining time] x [level]

Players encounter Gears along the way. Passing through a Gear without touching it adds +15 seconds to the timer.

Even if the current number needs to increase in order to hit the numerical range, sometimes it's faster to divide first and then multiply. The same goes for when the current number needs to be decreased.

The remaining time directly affects the player’s points; sometimes it's better to wait a bit, pass through a Gear to gain extra seconds and then finish the level.

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