Ver. 0.1.17

New Module: Investment stage

  • Added Hedonism Center

  • Every month, we will start a special tournament for paid battles, where any player who pays some $SIDUS can participate. It is right to assume that for this price, you’ll be getting increased drops and exclusive prizes. But that's not the main thing — part of the profits from these paid battles will go to the one holding the most in-game $SIDUS at the time!

Combat sound effects added

  • From now on, battles will have full audio accompaniments: abilities, effects and death.

  • The sound settings more diverse now.

Bug Fix

  • The "Open next" button works again. Now you will be able to open your boxes one by one, whether you have a Diamond Key or not.

  • Fixed the animation for when passive Abilities trigger an Effect. If the Hero has a Status applied and triggers another Status with his passive Ability, an Effect is produced. The Damage caused by this Effect is calculated from a base value of 50. You can see this in the battle interface so you can accurately read the battle and choose your strategy.

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