It's here! We are moving to version 2.0, marked by the successful launch of the Reproduction Facility!! The new module will radically change the economy of the game and provide new ways to earn money in addition to the Battle Arena!

Replicants — what are they?

Replicants are a new Collection of Heroes, created in the image of the existing Heroes from the GENESIS and ACADEMY collections. Despite the fact that Replicants will not participate in battles, they will be fully-fledged members of your team, influencing your Collection Rarity, and your module investment limits.

Replicants will be involved in the module construction process via one of the following professions:

  • Chemists, who will produce pills for further work

  • Researchers, who will explore new modules

  • Builders, who will be in charge of the construction process

New Module Construction Approach: Research, Invest & Construct

Replicants will become an integral part of the new Module construction process. All upcoming modules including the SIDUS GATES module will be built with the participation of these new characters. Some work will only be available to Replicants!

Put your Replicants to work, earn points, and get a bigger share of module ownership. Ownership is now combined of the following three stages:

  • Research

  • Investment

  • Construction

Two of these stages will require the participation of Replicants. It is difficult to overestimate their role in the new economy. From now on it is their owners who will decide where and which modules will be built.

Replication Process

  • Added Replication Process


Congratulations! You have your first Replicant! Soon we will add module research and construction mechanics, so for now just keep farming the new collection. When the time comes, you will be all set and ready to use them!

Replicants of different rarities have different characteristics.

Pills are produced in the Chemical Laboratory. Replicants will produce 2 types of pills that are mandatory for builders and researchers to keep working. There is no other way to make pills other than with Chemists.

Researchers will explore new modules and earn Research Points. Builders will build modules from materials that were collected during the investment stage and earn Construction Points.

Each Replicant can practice any profession. However, each race will have their own privileges!

Unlike Common and Epic Replicants, Legendary Replicants can work in the Bank module as “Operators" and withdraw funds.

New Collection Interface

Now when you go to your collection you will see two tabs: Heroes and Replicants. Heroes will obtain the following statuses:

‘Team’ — the Hero is on a combat team ‘Capsule’ (with timer) — the Hero is currently in a capsule and cannot be used for fights

In the Replicants section, you can see what each replicant in your collection is currently doing.

In the future, each of the Replicants will have their own page, with comprehensive info about each character!

Categories added to Inventory

The number of items is growing, with more and more new tools appearing in your arsenal! To make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, we've categorized the items with the corresponding categories:

  • Lootboxes

  • Equipment

  • Drop

  • Property

It is now much easier to quickly find what you need, and you won’t have to spend precious time which could be spent in the game!

Daily Quests tracker added to the Lobby

Tracking your progress is now much easier, because we added daily quest info right in the lobby!

  • See all your challenges for the day

  • Check out if you managed to overcome Hyperprism

  • Find out the maximum number of Polygons and Genetic Stimulants that can be earned per day

Convenient Module UI

  • We have added the ability to change the width of the columns in all tables within the interface. Set your preferred table format and the game will remember it for future playthroughs!

  • Remove unnecessary columns! We try to make our tables as informative as possible, but if some information seems superfluous to you, just remove it! Now you can remove the columns you are not interested in from all tables and customize your data in a way that suits you!!

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