Ver. 0.1.8

Genetic stimulants

  • The daily win awards now include Genetic stimulants

  • Players receive one stimulant for every Hero on the winning team

  • Every Hero is eligible for a certain number of stimulants per day (depends on rarity)

  • Genetic stimulants will be awarded even if you have already reached the limit for the daily rewards.

  • Stimulants are essential for the future reproduction of Heroes via the Reproduction Facility.

Start of module construction

  • Introduction of innovative GameFi investment mechanics, allowing users to participate in the game development process and profit from it.

  • Players can now start building the new SIDUS Station modules.

  • Modules will add to the game’s functionality and will allow users to both have fun and make a profit.

  • Investment in the construction of a module will bring profit later on in the form of royalties — a fee for each financial transaction passing through the module.

  • The first module available for construction will be the Store module.

Race-based Abilities

  • The effect of using a race-based Ability on your allies increases as the number of Defense Points increase.

  • Race-base Ability updates are unique to every race.

  • The Voltrone’s race-based Ability has been upgraded so that now, the shield collapses when it totally loses its durability and does not trigger a Status overlay.


  • Updated the Power system calculation so that the Power value is now makes a bit more sense. Power is the cumulative value of a Hero’s characteristics: their level, abilities, weaponry, armor and other characteristics.

  • The Power value is approximately the same for all users at the current stage of the game but the difference will be more noticeable as the game evolves.

  • Power will be used in the matchmaking process, so you will be matched with the most suitable opponents and to special game events that will be available to you upon reaching certain levels.

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