Ver. 0.1.20


  • Added Marketplace

The Marketplace module will allow you to trade your in-game items and Heroes with other players for $SIDUS or $SENATE. On the main page of the Marketplace, you can select an item, as well as filter items by category. The first release of the Marketplace includes: 1. NFT Heroes cards (unreleased) 2. Weapons 3. Gadgets 4. Loot Boxes (except for — Dropboxes)

More items will be added in subsequent versions until eventually all SIDUS in-game items are traded on the Marketplace.

Each item sold on the marketplace will be charged a 10%commission on the item's value. The distribution of income from the commission will be: 5% go to Investors’ Royalties 2.5% go to SIDUS HEROES development 2.5% go to monthly token burn


You can sell items on the marketplace in two ways: for a fixed price or at an auction.

Fixed price

After clicking on the “Sell” button, a widget appears where you can select the currency, price, and quantity of items sold. It will also warn you about the commission. By default, the “Number of Copies” column indicates the maximum number of items that the user currently has in the stack. After clicking on “List the NFT”, you will need to confirm the placement of the item on the marketplace.


If the user selects the "Auction" tab in the sale window, they can select the price, quantity, and end date of the auction for that item. 1 day of the auction equals 24 hours from the moment the item was put up for sale. After clicking on “List the NFT”, confirm the placement of the item.


After selecting the item, the user is taken to the item’s sales page. Here it is possible to make both a purchase and a sale.

On the item page, you can set up filters, as well as explore information about the item. By default, the list is organized by price (lowest to highest) with the cheapest item currently on sale shown on top. The “Buy Now” button will allow you to purchase an item at the best price currently on the market.

When you click on the “Buy” button, a purchase confirmation window appears. After confirming the purchase, the item will appear in your inventory.

Placing a bid

After clicking on the “Place bid” button, a widget appears where you can place your bid on the selected lot. After setting the price, confirm your choice.

Selling points

You can sell items from several pages:

From the Marketplace Page

In this case, the “Sell” button will only be active if you have the corresponding items in your inventory.

From your personal profile

You can edit your personal profile by adding information about yourself and your social networks. You can also set the profile's privacy, making it either public or private.

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