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PAN Base Tournament: Exclusive Rewards All Summer!

Friends, the HADES Base Tournament has just ended and we congratulate everyone who managed to win rare robot parts! Don’t think that we’ll leave you without a daily tournament, because this event is today’s highlight!

In the new tournament, we are raffling off the new rare PAN robot, but only 1,000 robots are available! Join the tournament and don’t miss all the summer fun! You may also download Xenna in Google Play!

Start: June 1

End: September 9

PAN Base Tournament Rules // 10 FFA Battle Royale

The tournament is held every day and lasts for 2 hours.

Start: 16:00 UTC

Finish: 18:00 UTC

To participate in the tournament you will need to have at least a battle rating of 275 Cups. If you have not yet reached that level, you may use a Tournament Access Card.

During the tournament period, players will be able to play 6 battles every day.

  • 3 battles can be played for free.

  • 3 extra battles unlock with a PAN Base Tournament Pass or tickets that you can purchase for GOre.

The PAN Base Tournament Pass is a tournament subscription that allows you to play the maximum number of tournament battles per day. You can purchase it in the tournament store for a minimum price of 750 GOre. It will only remain valid for a limited time.

The PAN Base Tournament Ticket is a tournament ticket that allows you to enter 1 tournament battle. You can purchase it in the tournament store for a minimum price of 30 GOre. It remains valid indefinitely.

To win, the player needs to deal the most damage and remain in battles for as long as possible. PAN parts are distributed every day to the 100 top players in the daily rating!

Tournament Rewards

The best tournament players will receive:

  • Parts of the rare X.L.R. PAN robot

Parts for only 1,000 PAN robots will be issued during the tournament and won’t be reissued again! Players will be able to sell the robot and its parts on the Marketplace.

PAN is a powerful robot with two ultrasonic guns. It’s capable of speeding up the production of robots and protecting its Power Stations. PAN has unique abilities that allow him to move quickly between towers and camouflage in a cloud of dust to avoid enemy attacks.

  • Tickets for Challenge Tournament

Challenge Tournament Tickets grant access to special events that feature unique NFT rewards and are only available to owners of robots at a certain level.

Not just Tournaments this Summer?

We’ve got your back! Even during this daily tournament season we have planned several cool events for you to feel the chill and have some fun. They will all feature unique prizes, but we strongly suggest you hone your skills in our daily tournaments!

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