Ver. 0.2.22

UI Updates to Keep it Neat & Tidy

Minor updates still make a difference. While we’re working on the Nidum Arena remaster, we still need to keep work going on the current game. All our attention is going to new functionality. Check out the update to know what’s been refreshed!

No More Getting Lost in the Modules!

Information about each module is now back! It’s available on the left side of the screen. The size of the block has been increased, but you can always collapse it by clicking on the arrow next to the module name. The complete description of the module is shown when you hover over the text.

Check your Urakas Seeds!

Many of you have Urakas seeds, and some of you are getting confused about the inclusion of a ‘Dodge Boost’ while the dodge mechanic was patched out some time ago. We’ve fixed that so you won’t get confused anymore!

It should now read:

“Dodge Boost (functionality patched out and will be defined in future updates)”.

Previously, it was:

“Dodge Boost (prior to battle)”.

Keep the queue!

We know turns are important and we want to keep them fair. When Heroes have the same Initiative, first their max HP will be compared and the turn will go to the Hero whose max HP is at least 10 points lower. If that doesn’t settle it, other parameters will be compared — as per usual!

Don’t Leave the Keyboard!

Twice AFK — once defeated! We fixed a bug when a defeat was counted after 4 AFKs. It’s now back to usual 2. So stay alert and don’t leave the keyboard!

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