Ver. 0.2.8

New Daily Ratings & Fine Tuning!
Ver. 0.2.8 Patch Notes — New Daily Ratings & Fine Tuning!
Hello friends! How is your Mutagenetor part collection coming along? Are there any lucky players who have managed to find a brand new Xenna card? We threw some really good events for you last week, so while you're busy, we're cleaning up a few things! After all, we have something completely mind-blowing ahead of us, which we can’t tell about yet!

Never enough: adding more daily ratings!!

With each new update, the number of random daily ratings increases, raising your chances of getting additional rewards! This week we are adding 3 more new ratings to the randomizer!
Short-Circuit Max DMG
The maximum damage dealt by a Short-Circuit effect in one turn.
Steam Max DMG
The maximum damage dealt by a Steam effect in one turn.
Explosion Max DMG
The maximum damage dealt by an Explosion effect in one turn.
Steam Max DMG

UI update for events and toolbars in the lobby

Visuals matter! That's why we spend so much time on the finer details. This time we have slightly corrected the design of the event bars that are located at the top of the screen. Multi-colored backgrounds will help you quickly distinguish one event from another, and the ‘Read More’ button reveals the details of the event! Now you won't miss anything!
UI Update Of the Event Bars
UI Update for Events

See your energy boost clearly

Last update we added some energy at the beginning of round 7. Now you will not miss this moment, because in the left corner of the screen we have added the notification of more Energy added when this boost goes into effect!
See your energy boost clearly

Combat chat taken down for tuning

Last time we added funny stickers for you, we really hope you love it. We had to temporarily close the existing chat now for technical work! Soon everything will be fixed and we can continue talking!

Bug Fix

As always, we thank you for your constant bug reporting! This really helps us keep an eye on everything!
Common Tesseract owners
We found an error in displaying the total number of Common Tesseract owners shown on the marketplace page. We fixed it!
Inaction with 1 Energy point used
You found a case when players used 1 Energy out of the available 4 and did not skip the turn after. This turn was counted as inaction. This error has been fixed!
Silver Tesseracts are back on Marketplace
At some point Silver Tesseracts were not displayed on the Marketplace. They are back now!
Resource distribution between the scholar and the owner
There appeared to be a mistake when calculating the correct distribution of resources between the scholar and the owner. We apologize for that, and the bug is now fixed!

Help us make the game better!

We try to make large-scale events and major updates, because they lead us to the main goal: the creation of the largest metaverse in the world and market leadership. However, anything can spoil the whole impression of even the coolest mechanics. So we always read your bug reports and suggestions for improvements with great gratitude. Be sure to let us know about anything — even the most minor problems in the game! Thanks for your help!
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