Battle Arena (PvP)

Battles between Heroes take place in Battle Arenas. There are currently three Arenas.

Ogya planet - Kshass

A fiery world of changeable landscape formations and black clouds, this planet’s high volcanic activity has long since destroyed all protein-based organic matter. Living organisms that have managed to adapt to this environment have taken on truly incredible forms and abilities.

Raptorian Planet - Sarisuru

A world of greenery and incredible organisms living in symbiosis, this is the home planet of Raptorians. Sarisuru is beautiful in its diversity and unpredictability. From impenetrable swamps to lush tropical jungles, everything here is full of life.

Voltrone Planet - Volto

A rocky planet with high temperatures and different altitudes. Sparse vegetation and a serious lack of water has led to the development of new and original forms of cooperation among living beings. Thus, the struggle against these difficult conditions of existence have resulted in mutual assistance.


Battles in the SIDUS world take the form of 3-vs-3, turn-based combat. One round consists of 6 turns. At the start of every battle, each Hero is given 1 Energy Point and the sequence of turns is determined by the Initiative of the competing Heroes. The round is over when every Hero has had a turn.
All Heroes start the battle on the same line, with the possibility of a Boss appearing on the center line.
The turn time is 30 seconds, after which it’s the next Hero’s turn.
If a Hero uses their skills during their turn, they gain 2 Energy Point after they complete their turn.
If a Hero does not use their skills and instead pressed the "Skip Turn" button, that Hero gets 3 Energy Points.
Heroes' actions require the use of Energy Points:

Turn Sequence / Initiative

You can see the turn order on the Battle screen.
A Hero’s Initiative determines the sequence of their moves. Heroes are lined up according to their Initiative stats, from highest to lowest (from left to right). If a Hero’s Initiative value is the same as one of their opponent’s, the sequence of moves is determined randomly for those players. A Hero’s Agility increases their base value Initiative by 3 for each Skill Point spent.
Different races have different base Initiative values:
  • Raptorians - 58
  • Ogya - 59
  • Voltrones - 60


Question: What ever happened to the planned battle arena rankings and prize pool? Answer: All is fine! At the moment, we are working on improving the Matchmaking system, and as soon as it is ready, we will immediately start the season, with revised rewards (possibly upwards), taking inflation into account.
Question: Will it be possible to surrender in the game if you understand that you will not win the battle? Answer: No.
Question: Will the rewards inside the PVE system be good enough so that I can ignore the Battle Arena and play PVE with friends only, while still being able to produce resources and progress in the game? Answer: Different modes will be followed by different drops. However, you can always sell some resources and buy others on the marketplace. So if you don't feel like participating in PvE, you can always just buy what you need. This is the whole point of the metaverse!
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