Modules and Construction

Modules are the main features on the NIDUM Station. They diversify the gameplay and create possibilities for players by helping them to progress.
There are two main types of items required for Module Construction —
and Tokens. Every module has its own unique set of requirements, each in its own specific amounts.
Here is a list of all the modules:
The Store
This is where players can purchase in-game items using $SENATE & $SIDUS tokens. Dropboxes will be the first items available to purchase. They will contain all the Resources needed to construct a module, a Toolbox for building a Space Shuttle and an exclusive set of gadgets.
Here, players are able to sell their in-game items and purchase other players’ items. Trades will be conducted in $SENATE and $SIDUS tokens.
In this module, players use their Toolboxes to construct Space Shuttles. Once in possession of a Space Shuttle, players can discover and colonize other planets and mine their Resources.
Players can use Genetic Stimulants to reproduce new Heroes. These Heroes can be sold on the secondary market.
This module enables players to rent out squadrons of Heroes to players who do not have Heroes.
Every month, there will be a special tournament for paid battles, where any player who pays some $SIDUS can participate. It is right to assume that for this price, players will be getting increased drops and exclusive prizes.
This module gives users the chance to claim $SIDUS and $SENATE and withdraw it to external wallets.
The next Staking event will be associated with this module in future updates.
How to get the required items:
  • The
    basic Resources
    can be farmed in battles.
  • Rare Resources and $SIDUS tokens can be obtained from Tesseracts.
  • $SENATE/$SIDUS can be bought on DEXs and CEXs and deposited in the game via a MetaMask wallet or be obtained by selling on the Marketplace.


The amount you invest determines the size of your Royalties - this can be seen in the diagram. Records of every module investor are stored on the Leaderboard screen. All investors are Rated according to their contribution to a module and this is also displayed on the Leaderboard screen.
Investments made by other players are displayed in the Resource Collection window in the Invested/Required column.
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