In this module, player can lock their
$SIDUS, and get extra
$SIDUS. Not only that, each pool they choose comes with rewards that will come in handy. Player also is able to take part in the Staker Rating system and get even more prizes for activity.
Once in the module, player will see a list of all the Staking seasons and the current season will open on the main screen.
The Staking pool for Staking 3.0 shows the total amount of $SIDUS that users can stake in this pool. This amount is limited and the pool will be closed once the limit is reached.

Staking Boxes

Staking 3.0 has three Staking Boxes: Common, Epic and Legendary.


Rewards are provided every time player makes a stake and can be immediately used in the game, if applicable. A player will be able to see rewards in their Inventory, straight after making a stake.
  • A Diamond Key opens Tesseract, Dropbox, Gem Box or Community Box and increases its contents by x2.
  • Investment Boost increases your module investment limit for 24 hours.
$SIDUS and $SENATE increase in quantity, not percentage!
  • SIDUS Toolbox (Space Shuttle NFT card)
You will be able to use these once the Space Shuttle Shipyard module is live.
  • ​
    Common Toolbox — a 3-seater Space Shuttle that players can build in the Shipyard module.
  • ​
    Uncommon Toolbox — a 6-seater Space Shuttle that players can build in the Shipyard module.

Staker Ratings

A Staker Rating is applied to all boxes and the points are determined as follows:
  • 1 Common Stake gives a player 3,000 Staking Points
  • 1 Epic Stake gives a player 10,000 Staking Points
  • 1 Legendary Stake gives a player 30,000 Staking Points
Player can also increase their Staking Rank by participating in battles! Each win gives 1 Staking Point.
When the $SIDUS limit for the Staking pool is reached, the Staker Ratings competition will close and rewards will be given out to the winners. The current system rewards the top 100 highest ranked participants. The reward distribution is shown in the table below:
The winners of the Staker Ratings competition will receive a Reproduction Sphere – they come in different rarities. Spheres can be used in the Reproduction Facility, once it is launched. The characteristics of these Spheres are shown in the table below:


10% percent of each transaction carried out using this module is distributed among the investors of the module.

Construction History

The construction of this module began on 04.06.2022 and ended on 11.06.2022.
required for its construction:
  • ​
    $SENATE - 60,000