SIDUS HEROES relies on the
(gaming) token and the
(governance) token.


$SIDUS token is the main in-game currency.
$SIDUS will mainly be used for:
  • Purchasing Heroes
  • Purchasing Items
  • Upgrading Heroes and Items
  • Trading in the Store and using in other modules
  • Investing in Module Construction
  • …and even more


$SENATE token is used by the in-game mechanics as a governance coin as well as in-game currency for certain products within the game.
$SENATE will mainly be used for:
  • Creating factions and participating in votes that determine how factions are managed.
  • Taking part in votes regarding the game development process, the purchase of game items, etc.
  • Purchasing Space Shuttles, modules for Space Stations and land plots (which is not possible with the $SIDUS token).
  • Investing in Module Construction.

How to deposit
$SIDUS and

After entering the game and connecting a MetaMask wallet (you need at least one released hero), players will see their in-game balance showing both their
$SIDUS and
$SENATE in the upper right corner.
To deposit tokens, players should push the "+" button to top-up their balance. They will be redirected to the Deposit page.
After that, players can select
$SENATE tokens and fill in the form (in the next step).
Next, a form will pop up in front of the player and will need to be filled out.
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