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Races and Collections



SIDUS HEROES is an NFT-oriented game that begins with the closed beta version. Only NFT holders have access to the metaverse, are able to fight in Arenas, can exercise power in the Council, can instigate level ups and enjoy farming loot boxes with exclusive drops, while enjoying many other benefits
You can find out how to buy and use these NFTs here.
The ecosystem of SIDUS products includes three NFT collections:

Original Genesis Collection ( SIDUS NFT Heroes)

Original Genesis Collection (Sidus NFT Heroes) is a collection of 6,000 characters, each with 13 unique traits and one of three Rarity Levels - Original, Rare or Legendary. The collection was launched in August 2021 and these NFTs are available on the secondary market. To become a Rare or Legendary NFT Hero, you need to have used upgrade cards before June 24th 2022. These cards are available on OpenSea.
Holders of NFTs from the Original Genesis Collection (SIDUS NFT Heroes) could choose between two options: (1) to get a playable character, or (2) to get an NFT from SIDUS GENESIS that can later be turned into a playable character for resale. The end result is the same but which option is most suitable depends on what your goals are. Either way, to take advantage of this opportunity, holders of NFT Heroes from the old collection have to lock their NFTs for a two-year period, without the possibility of an early unlock. Your NFT Hero remains idle while you get to enjoy the game.
Note: 1 NFT Hero from the Original Genesis Collection (Sidus NFTHeroes) entitles you to 1 NFT from the SIDUS GENESIS or 1 playable character per lock.


SIDUS HEROES GENESIS COLLECTION is a collection of NFTs that originate from Original Genesis Collection ( SIDUS NFT Heroes). NFTs from the new collection will also have 3 Rarity Levels that correspond to the initial NFT and will have unique traits. If you start out with a Common Original NFT Hero, you will get a Genesis Common NFT (playable character). If you have a Rare NFT Hero - an Original Hero that’s been upgraded to Rare using a special upgrade card - you will get a Genesis Epic playable character in NFT form. If you're among the most elite Legendary NFT Heroes, you can claim a playable Genesis Legendary NFT Hero.
Playable characters will differ visually from the NFTs belonging to Original Genesis Collection.
  • Only SIDUS HEROES Genesis receive valuable resource Polygon as a reward for battles (It gives 500 Investment Points).
Collection Rarity points:
  • 1 Common Hero - 100
  • 1 Epic Hero - 1,000
  • 1 Legendary Hero - 10,000


The SIDUS HEROES ACADEMY COLLECTION is a set of NFTs that transform into playable characters. Owning NFTs from this collection secures holders’ access to the game and its multiple earning opportunities. SIDUS ACADEMY NFTs are available for purchase and have 3 Rarity Levels - Common, Epic and Legendary.
SIDUS HEROES ACADEMY is a collection of NFTs that serve as tickets to the gaming metaverse and are available to the general public. The release of SIDUS ACADEMY was in January 2022.
Collection Rarity points:
  • 1 Common Hero - 100
  • 1 Epic Hero - 1,000
  • 1 Legendary Hero - 10,000


Longum NFT is a card that player receives for a 7-day free trial and Subscription.
Subscription costs the equivalent of $25 dollars and is paid monthly.
  • Longum holders can win basic resources and unique Trantoe resource
  • $SIDUS and $SENATE can be invested
  • Resources can not be invested on 7-day free trial


The MarsDAO Collection was created in collaboration with MarsDAO to allow its users to join the SIDUS Metaverse, with an advantage! The collection includes 3,000 Common Heroes.
  • 1,000 sets each containing 3 Common NFT cards
  • Races included: Voltrone, Ogya, Raptorian
  • Purchase BONUS: 3 unique Mars Chip gadgets granting +2 Agility and +1 Attack points
  • Collection Rarity for 1 Hero: 30
  • Price: $450 in $MDAO on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Only 1 set of Mars Heroes is permitted per account!
  • The collection features a unique resource drop called Red Regolit (Common) that’s worth 30 Contribution Points.
Mars Heroes cannot:
  • be sold in the Marketplace
  • be replicated in the Reproduction Facility
  • receive Polygons or Genetic Stimulants
  • be withdrawn to Layer 1.


The Zeus Collection is designed for easy access to the SIDUS Metaverse. A set of 3 Common cards can be obtained by purchasing and opening a Nidum Starter Pack via Sidus Market.
Zeus cards have limited capabilities in comparison to ordinary NFT Heroes. They:
  • provide 30 Collection Rarity points (not 100)
  • are not tradable in the in-game Marketplace
  • can't be withdrawn to Layer1
  • can’t be replicated
  • can't earn specific in-game items (i.e. Stimulants, Polygons, Pre-Silicons)
  • have a 3x lower daily $SIDUS & $SENATE investment limit (lifted with any NFT hero)
  • can earn Gold & Silver Tesseracts and Obstans (a unique resource).